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Our Products

We efficiently produce a full line of safe, reliable and comfortable products such as elevators, escalators, autowalks and other transportation systems through an integrated structure that covers design, development, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and modernisation. Numerous products brought forth through long-accumulated technologies and knowledge have earned the deep trust and support of customers around the world. Feedback from customers is reflected in future design and development to produce even better products.


Download brochures on Zexia, Rexia, and High Rise High Speed elevators, with Elevator Group Supervisory Control System and Destination Floor Guidance System


Download brochures on GS8000-NX escalators and GS8000-HV escalators for heavy duty public transport use


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Our Brands


Fujitec Service Group

Fujitec Service Group is dedicated to provide good quality service and maintenance of elevators and escalators. We enhance the performance of elevators and escalators through diligent repair and replacement of necessary parts. Furthermore, to complete the equipment life cycle, we will recommend suitable modernisation packages for the elevators and escalators. Fujitec has more than 40 years of operating experience in Singapore, and maintain a service portfolio of approximately 13,000 elevators and escalators under our professional care.

Enhanced Safety

To ensure safe operations of the elevators and escalators, Fujitec has always designed our products to exceed the Code of Practices and local regulations. On top of that, to promote safety for public usage, Fujitec also offers a Lift Enhancement Programme to the existing elevators. This programme provides additional safety features to the elevators. At the same time, in our regular maintenance regime, we have intensified our monthly servicing to include inspections of maintenance outcomes as stipulated by Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Maintenance Contracts

We offer 2 types of maintenance contracts :

Comprehensive Contracts – Leaving the management of parts repairs and replacements to our professional field staff protects the customers’ interests. With no additional costs, our comprehensive contracts include all necessary repairs and replacements of normal wear and tear parts. Meanwhile, our warehouse manages sufficient spare parts to ensure the elevators and escalators are made available all the time. Majority of our customers have adopted our comprehensive contracts to ease the administration of parts repair and replacement processes, and at the same time, maintain a high percentage of equipment availability. 

Non-Comprehensive Contracts – For more economical maintenance fees, some customers signed up for our non-comprehensive contracts. Although repairs and part replacements are excluded, we do provide equivalent professional routine monthly maintenance to the elevators and escalators at our customers’ buildings.

For both type of contracts, our 24/7 SafeNet Centre provides round-the-clock call back services, so that our customers can reach out to our customer service officers anytime. 

Customer Care Contacts
1) 24/7 HOTLINE : 1800-7671620
2) For Maintenance Sales, please contact Tel : 65472250 or email us at
3) For Modernisation Sales, please contact Tel : 6704 5302 or 6249 3215.


Introduction to Modernisation

Modernisation extends the lease of life of an elevator. It is the process of improving elevator performance by transforming an old elevator into one equipped with the latest technology.

Advantages of Modernisation

Modernisation improves safety, reliability, and ride comfort of elevators. It enhances handling capacity, results in energy savings, and allows for antiquated microcomputer-controlled systems to be replaced with the high-performance systems to meet latest standards.

Photo Gallery of Modernisation

Compare products before and after elevator modernisation, including: the Controller & ARD, Machine, Entrance Indicator, Hall Button, In Car Push Button, Lift Entrances, and Lift Car Interior with LED lights.

Modernisation Project Reference

View a list of elevator modernisation projects from 2000 to 2022, including Changi General Hospital (2016), OCBC Centre South (2015), HDB Tampines, Pasir Ris & Jurong West (2014), and One Raffles Place (2013)